Apple PD & 1:1. Can I do this??


The last two days have been jam-packed with information about ipads, apps, and how to use them. Not an unusual professional development choice, especially for a district that is going 1:1.

Going into this PD I have to admit, I was a little reluctant. What were we going to focus on? Would it be useful to my specific job? Could we manage?

What I came away with isn’t exactly a clear-cut “I learned a lot of things that I can’t wait to use in my classroom!” reaction. Instead, it’s more like this: How am I going to use these things? How can I incorporate them into the curriculum? How can I use these tools to help my students learn as a special education teacher? How in the world do I set up my AppleTV?
I think many of us felt overwhelmed at the end of day 2 due to the enormous amount of information we stuffed into our brains. We walked away with ideas, questions, concerns and some of us may have even felt a little anxious. The biggest question being for those “anxiety feelers” being: can I do this?

Now I don’t have the exact answer to that question, but if what I witnessed over the last two days is any indication of how the year will go, the answer is YES!
These last two days I saw teachers learning from other teachers. I saw teachers willing to admit they didn’t know something and ask for help. I observed adults offering their assistance and knowledge to others without having to be asked. I observed experts, try-alls, and beginners. Eagerness was served on a platter when a new task, challenge, or application was introduced. Many Ah-ha! moments were had amidst laughter and frustration. There was communication, collaboration, and problem-solving among a district.

What this PD experience really solidified for me, was that if we continue to do all of these things, we can all do this. This initiative is something that we have to do together and we CAN make it meaningful. I not only have more confidence in my ability to use the ipad effectively, but also in my peers. We will continue to help and learn from each other. After all, that’s our job as teachers.


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